Mobile App Design For Concrete Park™

This is a major work in progress. When it’s finished it will be a deeply immersive mobile app for our award-winning Concrete Park graphic novel, published by Dark Horse Comics. With the app, you’ll explore the rich fictional world of Concrete Park, you’ll tour Scare City, you’ll meet fascinating characters, listen to our growing body of original music and get access to exclusive extras. The app will be rich in content, but also fun and rewarding in interactivity.


Concrete Park is a science-fiction story set  on a desert planet. It features a colorful cast of exiles from a near-future Earth. Written by actress Erika Alexander and written and drawn by Tony Puryear, it was selected as one of the Best American Comics 2013. Its story world is rough, multi-cultural. It’s a world full of conflict but also full of hope.


Designing the app has been a great exercise in abstraction; boiling complex stories and themes down to icons, colors and simple sounds.


We started by assembling and cataloging  resources for icons, character profiles and maps. Some already existed in the world of the graphic novel, most had to be created.


As an unexpected bonus, some of the icons and other graphics we created for the app have already found their way into the graphic novel itself, as in the example above, where the three-cross icon for the “Las Cruces” gang can be seen in the background of the scene.

TEMPLATE 1@144 copy

We made a color scheme to reflect the different gangs of Scare City. They were like the various houses in Game of Thrones or Harry Potter, an organizing principle. Within those color-coded gang sections are individual histories. Like GoT and Lord Of The Rings. maps and territory play a key part in the story.

TEMPLATE 2@144 copy

Different sections, such as music and video, presented design challenges of their own. The app must have a unified feel, but the whole point is to platform lots of different content. Below, some of the music screens, featuring tunes from Concrete Park’s own radio station, Radio Gigante.

TEMPLATE 4@144 copy

Below, a sampling of different screens and sections  from the Concrete Park mobile app.


Concrete Park is copyright © 2014 by Concrete Park, Inc. All rights reserved.

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