New Branding Program for Julius Erving “Dr.J.”

As a lifelong hoops fan, I was happy and excited to be asked to come up with a new identity and branding program for an idol of mine, the legendary Julius Erving, better known as “Dr. J.”. This new identity will have to work across a variety of platforms, from athletic shoes to t-shirts and other apparel items to event branding to corporate communications.


I tried to come up with a look and feel that was sport-oriented and fun, one that also harkened back to the good Doctor’s 70s heyday. It’s easy to forget how funky and ground-breaking Julius Erving was. He was the first player to really take the game into the air, and he was a style icon while doing it.


So I drew some inspiration from the red-white-and-blue American Basketball Association ball Dr. J. used when he first started playing as a pro.

DR-J-3-710It seemed natural enough to start with these bi-centennial-era colors, and I loved the squashed dot on the “i” in “Wilson”.

DR-J-4-710I came up with a logo design with a 70s feel, but not a 70s font (the font is North Point). I loved the cap “J”, and note the squash on the dot in the “i”. So much fun.


By the time I got through, the red, white and blue color scheme seemed like just a jumping-off point, and the squashiness of the letterforms somehow suggested the bounciness of the ball.

DR-J-6-710Watch this space for more developments and prototypes in this ambitious program!


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