Recent Logo Designs



Here are some recent logo designs, along with some old favorites.

GRID-2@144Many of my design projects start with a logo and grow from there.

Project: Logo for Boys Choir of Harlem, 2011 – present

I was thrilled when I was asked to participate in the re-launch and re-branding of this legendary, but now-dormant New York institution. I considered lots of solutions with musical motifs and ones with a dignified, classical feel. Somehow none of them were right for the foot-stomping, feel-good energy and passion of a Boys Choir of Harlem show, and none felt “New York” enough.

My breakthrough came when I “took the ‘A’ Train” up to Harlem, and the obvious inspiration fell on me like a ton of bricks. The energy and the vibrancy of the simple black and white NYC Subway graphics popped so hard, even amid the bustle of that crazy town, you couldn’t ignore it (and was there ever a more black and white city than New York?)

Using a “black” typeface, Helvetica Black, allowed me to pack a lot of power into each bunched-up, jammed up letterform. The way the “f” and the “l” in “of Harlem” nestle into the word “Choir” is particularly nice. Taken together, the characters of the logo seem ready to burst out of their box like a Daily News headline, and I like that.

We are now extending this logo and feeling in letterhead, banners, gig posters, etc.

Project: Logo re-design for Third Degree 3D digital model line, 2011

The Third Degree line is one of the world’s best-selling brands of digital 3D models, In 2011 it was time for an image upgrade.Third Degree had a simple logotype, done in a proprietary font I had designed, but this brand of spy and action-hero models needed more.

This iteration started life as a simple set of colors. I wanted something military, like you’d see on a soldier’s chest, a ribbon or decoration. This custom color palette, deliberately chosen not to be any one country’s national colors, is meant to evoke the brand’s slightly retro-future, swinging 60s feel, and became part of all marketing and promotional materials, costumes and accessories, etc.

Next came the “shield” shape to pull the whole thing together. This shape also conveys the military flavor of the Third Degree group and its international troubleshooter mission.

Below, the new logo (and color palette) in action!

Project: Logo for Solar Rollers comic book, 2012

Solar Rollers is a somewhat spun take on superhero comics, and it needed a logo to convey the fun and color of the project. Once again, I designed a custom typeface (called “Rollers Bounce Regular”) and made sure the logo had plenty of up-and-down movement.

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