Graphic Program and Pitch Deck for Afrofuturefest™

In 2015 I co-founded Afrofuturefest™, a show-within-a-show at the New York Comic Con. featuring the best creators of color in comics, film and television and gaming, Afrofuturefest drew record crowds and became the talk of the convention.

coverI designed the logo, suggestive of film strips but also of fireworks or sparks. In addition to the bright colors and a deliberate decision not to use the color black (too many convention banners are far too dark and busy,) one of the strengths of this design is its use of white space. In a sea of dark, Batman-looking banners in New York’s already-dark and depressing Javits Center, our Afrofuturefest banners really popped.

I was also called on to design the booth for the 2016 show, and a pitch deck for potential corporate sponsors.

2If you’ve seen one pitch deck, you’ve seen them all. Our goal was to make our deck stand out, and to communicate the freshness and excitement of our show, while still displaying the metrics and reason-for-being of this new, branded experience.






These images of the booth design below show our brightly colored banners, structural walls and tablecloths, as well as the large-size graphics displayed on the dividing walls. Again, our limited palette of reds, oranges and white makes our booth visible from the other side of this vast convention center. In this case, less is truly more.






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