Illustrations for Chuck Palahniuk’s “BAIT”

This is one of the six illustrations I created for the new adult coloring book, “BAIT, Off-Color Stories For You To Color” by Chuck Palahniuk from Dark Horse Books.

harriet-and-woodrowThe assignment was tempting, but scary – illustrate one of the stories in a new book by author-provocateur Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) for my publisher, Dark Horse Books. Chuck’s stories range from the outrageous to the incendiary, and there are many, many places for an illustrator to go wrong in trying to interpret them.

In addition, the story my publisher wanted to tackle, “Nonsense,” was all to do with race and sex. It took place in a secret club where people role-played gender and race-stereotyped characters. There was bondage and discipline involved, and people in the story were pretending to be racially-charged “characters” from Paula Deen to Woodrow Wilson to Harriet Tubman.

I came up with the idea of putting them all in these impassive, slightly creepy masks, and somehow that made the illustrations at once more “Chuck Palahniuk-like” and also, somehow, sexier.

BAIT” is available wherever fine books are sold.



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