Remember November Poster for January 2017 Women’s March

It is a matter of record and established fact that the election of 2016 was, at the very least, influenced by Russian hacking. You would think if the government knew this to be true, it would be an outrage and a scandal of epic proportions. Instead, the newly-elected government that seems to be the clear beneficiary of this hacking acts as if nothing is out of the ordinary, and the only election fraud it wants to investigate is the utterly fictitious idea of “massive voter fraud.” How to communicate this outrage? Erika Alexander and I had a good, simple idea.

Luckily, the old Soviet Union had a logo that was a strong #2 for most sinister authoritarian symbol of the 20th Century, and their color scheme can’t be beat for stopping power across a crowded demonstration.

The hammer and sickle stealing the White House just came naturally in about a minute and a half.

The “reverse R” bit works every time, too, and taken together, the color, the iconography and the type all scream Russia without a word being said. We were very gratified to see the posters being given out all through the massive throng in Washington that day.


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