I’m Tony Puryear, I’m a designer and artist. I’m also a screenwriter. Some may find my two-track career confusing, but it works for me. I wrote the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster Eraser and I designed Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign poster. I’m bi-partisan.

I studied art at Brown, was an award-winning chef by 22 and worked as a writer/art director at J.Walter Thompson in New York. I made a ton of commercials and directed music videos. That background in visual storytelling served me well in Hollywood, where I’ve written pictures for Will Smith, Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone and Jerry Bruckheimer.

This site is my design portfolio, though, and that’s what I want to tell you about here. As a designer, I build brand identities or clients ranging from boy bands (The Boys Choir of Harlem) to a doctor (Dr.J). It was one of the great honors of my life when my poster for Hillary Clinton was recently included in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery

Sometimes I’m the client, and some of my most recognizable work has been for my own brands. My Third Degree™ brand of digital 3D models has set sales records for the past four years. I was the first 3D model-maker to add relatable personalities and interlocking stories to my colorful digital characters. My trademark spies, ninjas, vampires, gods and goddesses are examples of sexy design that sells.

Now I’m a graphic novel creator, with a series, Concrete Park, published by Dark Horse Comics, the leading independent label. As this massive story world grows, its demand for new trademarks and design work grows with it. You’ll find all this work and more in this portfolio.


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